Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal GARG

Presently with World Researchers Associations, Retired Principal, Govt. P.G.College.

Dr. Shankar Lal Garg is a reputed personality of the world with rich professional experience in different aspects of science research and development, teaching and supervising, planning and administration, institutional growth, international cooperation etc. Dr. Garg is recognized as a well-known environmentalist, eminent scientist, good researcher and bright academician having sound administrative acumen. He is a person of integrity, vision and foresight to lead any institute to new heights in qualitative as well as quantitative growth. He has skills to work with international people and he can collaborate with international foreign Governments and other organizations.

He has won national and international recognitions as an environmentalist, good researcher and excellent teacher. He was awarded “Anak Sarawak Award” in year 2010 at Sarawak, Malaysia. Dr. Garg has been awarded Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award for making India shine by NRI society of India in year 2019 to celebrate 150th celebration of Mahatma Gandhi birth. Only 25 people were awarded throughout the globe. GISR foundation awarded Dr Garg International Business and Academic Excellence Awards 2019 Academic Leadership Award at Dubai. Global Education and Corporate Leadership Award 2019 was awarded to Dr. Garg by LWT India at Jaipur.

Dr. Garg was Vice President of International Research of Korean organization Human Bio Ltd. He is a member of various scientific and technical committees of Europe, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. He is Director of Environmental Disasters Research Institute. He believes in minimization of natural calamities all over the world.

Dr. Garg has proven leadership qualities, administrative capabilities as well as excellent teaching and research credentials. He is M.Sc. Gold Medalist, Ph.D., LL. B. and MBA (US). He was Post-Graduate Principal of Holkar Science College and Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government Arts and Commerce College, Indore having more than 5000 students. College received ‘A’ grade from NAAC under his leadership. His college was declared as National Premier Institute and nowadays one of the best colleges of Madhya Pradesh.

Motto of his life is “SAVE EARTH”. He believes in a good environment. He is Founder Director of “World Researchers Associations” WRA which is a non-profit organization established under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and exempted under 80-G of Income Tax. WRA promotes research in various fields and publishes few reputed and well indexed peer reviewed journals to encourage academicians, research scholars and scientists from all over the world to publish their research free of cost. Further he has planted 25000 trees on barren rocky hillock “Keshar Parvat” near Mhow, Indore in the last three years. Water is being purchased every Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal Garg M.Sc. (Gold-Medalist), Ph.D., M.B.A. (U.S.A.), LL.B., FRSC London, FWRA, FICCE, FISBT Founder Director, World Researchers Associations Editor-in-Chief of various Journals Environment and Management Consultant Ex-Principal, Holkar Science College and Govt. Arts and Commerce College, Indore Ex Dean of Agriculture Sciences, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences, Mhow Ex Vice President, International Research, Human Bio Ltd., South Korea Sector AG /80, Scheme No. 54, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore-452 010 (M.P.) INDIA Phone : +91 (731) 4004000; Mobile : +91 94250-56228; Email:,; Website : (2) day to water the plants and to keep them alive. He wishes to plant 50000 trees at 10 hectares of this barren land to convert it into thick dense forest. At present, India is having only 21 % cover of forests of the total area of India which should be at least 40 % in the eyes of Dr. Garg. The Prime Minister of India wishes to convert 26 million hectare of waste land of India into useful agriculture or forest land by the end of year 2030. Dr. Garg project of Keshar Parvat forest is a humble contribution towards converting wasteland into forest. Research is also being carried out at these plants to cure people from various diseases. Soon he wishes to take up projects related to meditation, religion and spiritualism.

He is Director of NGO “The Management Environment and Science Research Society”. He loves nature and wants to serve for the development of India. Dr. S.L. Garg is actively involved in all activities in reference to baudhik discussions and environment. He is Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Study Center (now called Ladakh and Jammu Kashmir Study Center) Malwa Prant since last five years.

Dr. Garg was Dean of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences, Mhow, Indore in temporary capacity after retirement from Government service. Dr. Garg looked after the thoughts and philosophy of Lord Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar here. Dr. Garg was also associated as Editorial Adviser of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences, Mhow, Indore for promoting journals published by the University. Dr. Garg published the first newspaper “Brauss News” of this university and it was the first newspaper published by any State University of India. Dr. Garg was also press representative in one of the UNO conferences.

Dr. Garg was the only Indian whose three journals were having good SCI and SCOPUS impact factors. In year 2012, out of the vast list of about 2,00,000 journals being published throughout the world, Dr. Garg’s three journals namely “Disaster Advances”; “Research Journal of Biotechnology” and “Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment” were having good impact factors. Thomson Reuters SCI and Elsevier Scopus recognize only about 10, 000 journals out of a vast list of 2,00,000 journals in the world and three journals of Dr. Garg were included in the list of SCI and SCOPUS. It was a rare achievement by any Indian in the field of scientific research and its publications. His journal “Disaster Advances” was at top position in India with the highest impact factor of 2.272 in year 2012. Website of all his journals is

Dr. Garg always introduced new courses in various colleges and paid attention to students’ development. In every college, the number of students increased enormously and results were excellent. He organized various conferences in every college. He promoted noble cause of research everywhere. He believed in discipline, cleanliness of campus, good environment, meaningful teaching and devoted faculty. He is himself a dedicated teacher and always thought for the good of students irrespective of caste, religion and creed. He has rich experience in institution building. He keeps himself in good health because of Yoga. He passed the NCC Air Wing “C” Certificate in year 1968. He was an executive council member and senate member of Devi Ahilya University, Indore. He was also elected as university student representative by direct election in 1969 in the University Students Council. He is well known as a science researcher and as Editor-in-Chief of various double-blind peer reviewed international monthly research journals indexed throughout the world. His Journals have promoted research in Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Nano-Technology, Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Disasters, Management and Education. He has brought a revolution in research fields by encouraging various academicians and professors to contribute research papers to various journals free of cost. His eight journals published from India are serving the cause of research and development in India inspiring Indians to come forward in the field of Research. Dr. Garg is also editor of various other journals like American Journal of Climate Change published from USA and other journals of Poland, Romania, Iran, China and Canada etc. He is collaborating research with various countries like China, Korea, Thailand etc. He is the only Academician in MP who has invited many Indian celebrities of different fields during his tenure at various institutes wherever he served. Hon’ble Ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Eminent Scientists Dr. Vasant Gowariker, Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, Dr. R. Chidambaram, Dr. Anil Kakodkar and Dr. Sivaram, Famous singers like (3) Pankaj Udhas, Tipaniaji and Kunal Ganjawala, Reputed instrument players like Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shiv Sharma, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Vishwamohan Bhatt, Film personalities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hema Malini and Ashutosh Rana, Sports personalities like Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Sushil Doshi, Journalists like Prabhu Chawla and Rajat Sharma, Literary people like Neeraj, Rahat Indori, Surendra Sharma, Bashir Badra, Yoga Guru Dr. Nagendra of Bangalore and Dr. Hansa Jaydev of Mumbai and many political personalities came on invitation of Dr. Garg to his institutes.

He was selected by the Public Service Commission as Lecturer in 1971 and then as professor in 1986. He has served the higher education department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh for more than 44 years. Served as Pro Vice Chancellor of Oriental University and Adviser of Sage University in Honorary capacity. Throughout his academic career, he was getting awards for essay writing in school and college. He was always a first divisioner and merit scholarship holder from 8th standard to Ph.D. Gold Medal was awarded to him for standing first in merit list in M.Sc. in 1970 and he got highest marks in M.P. Silver medal was awarded to him in B.Sc. for highest marks in Chemistry in the University. He has served at Indore, Dhar, Dewas, Balaghat, Khargone, Ratlam and thus he has rich knowledge of not only urban students but also of rural and SC, ST backward area students. Wherever he served, he built up the institute, started new programs and won respect and love of colleagues and students. Being a Professor of Chemistry, he is respected everywhere for his knowledge and wisdom. More than 70 students have obtained Ph. D. under his guidance and he has published more than 35 research papers in well reputed peer reviewed international journals indexed with SCI and SCOPUS. His areas of research are multidimensional: Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Polymers, Drugs, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Disasters, Earth Sciences, Management, Science, Religion and Spiritualism etc. His organizing capacity is superb and he has organized many international conferences in India and abroad in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Kuwait, UAE and Belgium. He himself has participated in more than 50 international conferences all over the world and has delivered keynote lectures and invited talks. He has participated in more than 100 national conferences in India. He had served in various scientific committees. He was invited to Switzerland in August 2006 to participate in the International Disaster Reduction Conference organized by UNESCO. He was also invited to Bali in the UNO conference in Indonesia. Dr. Garg also participated in the Elsevier conference at Delhi. He has travelled in more than 60 countries and participated in various conferences all over the world. He went to China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland more than five times to deliver keynote lectures at reputed scientific conferences. He was appointed as the only judge from India in Environmental Design Contest in year 2004 in UAE. Because of his research achievements, he was invited twice in an interview for the post of Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi. His articles have been published in various journals, famous magazines like “Earthzine” and newspapers. He is the author of six books in the field of environmental chemistry, society and ethics, environmental nanotechnology. His book on Environmental Nanotechnology has been published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. Recently he is concerned with the cure and treatment of various diseases including Corona through plants. He has research and teaching experience of 44 years and administrative experience of 28 years. He has examined D.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis of various Universities of India and Abroad. He served as Peer Team Member of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore and visited more than 60 colleges of various states. He has served as Member of Interview Board and Syllabi Committee of State Public Service Commission and State U.G.C. He went to Manchester for one-year Post-Doctoral Research in Petroleum Chemistry in 1973 at Univ. of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (U.K.) on Govt. of India Scholarship. He was also awarded a UGC fellowship for research and mini research project by MP Council of Science and Technology.

Dr. Garg is fellow member of various scientific and academic societies of India and world. He is a life member of Indian Science Congress. Dr. Garg has been recently appointed as fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, London (FRSC). Only 275 Indians have been nominated as fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the last 75 years. Dr. Garg is patron and fellow member of World Researchers Associations (FWRA). He is also a member of various social organizations. His interests are many and he loves to lead a simple life. He enjoys the company of mountains and sea. He loves travelling and he has travelled India and abroad extensively.

Dr. Garg has a good taste for music, literature, journalism, yoga, sports, religion and spiritualism. He is always invited by various universities and conference organizations to serve in scientific committees and to deliver lectures. He believes that India can make excellent progress through Environment and Research only. Overall, he wants good international co-operation for research and development in various fields. Wherever he goes, he works for quality in higher education and a good environment. He went to Kuwait University as a visiting professor in year 2007. His contribution to the scientific society and academic world through his various achievements, good knowledge and strong administrative abilities deserves commendation and appreciation. Plantation of 50000 trees to convert barren rocky land into thick dense forest and encouraging academicians, research scholars and scientists to publish their research free of cost in his journals are his exemplary works. 

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