Consulting & Advisory Services for Higher Educational Institutions

We have expertise in assessing the HEI's performance, preparing gap analysis reports, developing and implementation strategy to strengthen the institutional Capacities for improving Academic & Financial Health of the institution.

We provide advisory services to Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) of India to become top performers in their fields and to raise their profiles on a global scale.

We suggest strategies, methods to develop best practices to improve the academic performance and enhance the institution's reputation among stakeholders.

We provide meaningful and actionable inputs to refine the strategies, apply course corrections, and prepare a "road map" to further enhance ranking position, recognition, accreditation, and the grading process.

We have a panel of experts to give orientation and training to the faculty members of HEIs and to address their concerns regarding NIRF India Rankings, NAAC Assessment and Accreditation Process.

We are offering the following services for fostering an enriched student learning experience and bolstering a higher educational institution's reputation among stakeholders.

1) NIRF India Rankings and NAAC Accreditation

2) Academic Administrative Audit (AAA)

3) Faculty Information System (FIS)

4) Capacity Building of Teachers for Quality Education

5) Leadership Development training to Academic Administrators

6) Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem

7) UGC Conferment of Autonomous Status to colleges

8) Implementation of NEP2020

9) Curriculum and Credit Framework

NIRF India Rankings 2025: Designing the Strategic plan for improving the weighted scores/ sub -parameter marks, Preparation of gap analysis reports and suggestions for enhancing the institution reputation /perception among the stakeholders.

NAAC Accreditation: Guidance for preparing the SSR/AQAR, Academic and Administrative Audits (AAA), and suggestions for improving quality and its sustenance.

Faculty Performance Assessment and Feedback Collection: We develop the annual performance appraisal of individual teachers and position them with an appropriate grade at the institution level using our own software tool.

Capacity Building of Teachers for Quality Education: We provide tailored programs and workshops to enhance the skills and capabilities of teaching faculty, promoting a culture of continuous improvement in delivering high-quality education.

Curriculum and Credit Framework: comprehensive guidance and support in developing a robust curriculum and credit framework that aligns with NEP 2020 and National Credit framework. (NCrF).

Our panel of experts boasts extensive experience in these areas and is committed to guiding institutions through the intricacies of quality assurance, ranking optimization, and accreditation processes.

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating and contributing to the enhancement of Quality, Ranking and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions and Universities in India.



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