Prof. Joshua Earnest

Former Professor & Head Department of Electrical Engineering Former Dean - Planning & Monitoring, NITTTR (under the Ministry of Education, GOI, New Delhi), Bhopal.

With almost 6 years of industrial experience and additional 26 years in the area of teaching and training of technical teachers and industry executives, the following are the major areas of contribution and specialization:

    i.     Renewable Energy, especially wind power

   ii.     Curriculum development, especially competency-based curriculum development

  iii.     Laboratory instruction in technical institutions

  iv.     Instructional media related to electrical engineering  and renewable energy 

Technical education, for long, has been a discipline on its own, comprises of various components, like scientific development of the curriculum, learning and instruction, classroom and laboratory instruction, project work, teaching strategy and methods, assessment and evaluation, education psychology and education technology, researches in technical education. Short term courses in all these areas are being offered.

  • Ph.D. of examiner of electrical engineering related to renewable energy scholars in renewable energy and also evaluating Ph.D. Thesis in the Electrical Engineering.
  • Guide of Masters In Technical Education dissertation
  • Guide of Ph.D. scholars in Technical Education.

With specialization in renewable energy with major focus in wind power, a number of courses are being offered for engineering teachers and polytechnics teachers in the contact mode, online-cum-contact mode and online mode. 


  1. Designed, Developed and implemented Online wind power courses for technical teachers in collaboration with Gotland University, Sweden and Vindform AB, Sweden.
  2. Resource Person for Sweden Wind Power training projects.
  3. Resource person for online wind power training to China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China
  4. Served as faculty of Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila Philippines for the In-Country Programme on Competency-based Education.
  5. Teachers for Masters’ in Technical Education from Somalia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  6.  Short-term programmes for technical teachers from Bangla Desh, Maldives, Nepal. Philippines. 


  • B.Sc.(Engg.) – Electrical Engineering
  • M.Tech.  - Production and Design of Heavy Electrical Equipment
  • Masters in Technical Education
  • Ph.D.

Interest Areas 

Wind Power, Renewable Energy, Curriculum Development, Laboratory Instruction


  1. Electricity from the Wind – Basic Principles – Yash Publications, Mumbai, 2012
  2. Wind Power Plants and Project Development’ - Pub: PHI Learning, New Delhi; 2011
  3. Engineering and Education Curriculum – Module 1 - Induction Programme for Engineering College Teachers - (Co-author) – NITTTR Bhopal – 2009
  4. Laboratory and Instruction and Assessment – Module 2 - Induction Programme for Engineering College Teachers - (Co-author) – NITTTR Bhopal - 2009
  5. Competency-based Curriculum – Mahamaya Publishers, New Delhi, 2008


Reports/Discussion Papers

  1. Editorial Team - Journal of Engineering, Science & Management Education (A quarterly Research Journal) – ISSN: 0976-0121
  2. Visual laboratory manuals
  3. Graded laboratory manuals
  4. Competency based Curricula

Research Papers

  1. Maintenance Issues of Geared Wind Turbines with DFIG - Journal of Engineering, Science and Management Education October- December 2011; Vol.4, Iss.4; pp.263-269.
  2. Testing of Small Wind Turbines – The Need and Knowhow - Journal of Engineering, Science and Management Education October- December 2011; Vol.4, Iss.4; pp.293-297.
  3. Modeling of Wind-Solar Diesel/Grid Hybrid System - Journal of Engineering, Science and Management Education October- December 2011; Vol.4, Iss.4; pp.293-297.
  4. Competency Profile of Technical Education Managers of India - Proceedings of the 40th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Session S3J; Washington D.C., USA, 27-30 October 2010.
  5. Curriculum Audit for Technical Education Institutions – New Delhi; The Indian Journal of Training and Development of ISTD January March 2008; Vol.38, No.1; pp.55-64.
  6. Concept for a Worldwide Windpower Education Network - Proceedings of the ‘5th World Wind Energy Conference - 2006: New Delhi, India; 6-8 November 2006.
  7. Technical Education System & Wind Energy: Strategies which can make the Difference - Proceedings of the ‘Wind India 2006’ Conference Pune, India 22-23 August 2006

Projects (Title and Role)

  1. Developing and maintaining National level competency banks for engineering degree and diploma programmes in electrical and electronics branches funded by MHRD
  2. Identifying the skills required of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil diploma engineers in the state Gujarat
  3. Competency bank under Direct Central Assistance project
  4. Online short-term programmes

Research Studies

  1. Designing, Developing and Implementing Online short term wind power programmes
  2. Developed wind engineering competency bank for diploma programmes
  3. Competency-based Continuing Education (CBCE) Experiment at polytechnic level
  4. Identifying the training needs of the faculty of engineering colleges of the Western regional States
  5. Conducted a research to evolve a curriculum development model for offering competency-based technical education programmes in polytechnics  

International Collaborations

  1. Gotland University, Sweden
  2. Vindform AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  3. LIFE Academy, Karlstaad, Sweden

International Visiting Faculty

  1. UAE, March 2012 – Advances in Electric Power Engineering 
  2. United States of America, May 2011 - Anaheim, California AWEA-2011 Wind Power Conference,   
  3. China, May 2009 - BeijingGTZ and Central Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI),
  4. Sweden, May-June 2007 - Gotland University,
  5. Austria, May 2007 - Vienna
  6. Sweden, August-September 2006  - Malmo, Stockholm, Gotland ÅF-International aB, SIDA
  7. United States of America, April 2003R - Terre Haute, Indiana, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,;
  8. United KingdomAugust-October 1998 - University of Huddersfield,
  9. Denmark, Nov-Dec.1995 - Trondheim

10.  Germany, Nov-Dec.1995 - Schleswig-Holstein, CDG.

Masters Level Thesis Guide

  • Masters In Technical Education dissertations

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