Dr. Saket Asthana

Professor Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Dr.Saket Asthana


Research Objectives:

His research focus is on the functional materials to exploit their inherent properties and functions to achieve an intelligent action. Physical and chemical properties of functional materials are sensitive to a change in the environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, electric field, magnetic field, and many more. Functional materials cover a broader range of materials from inorganic, organic to hybrid form. These materials have wide range of applications like magneto electric sensors, memory devices and diagnostic devices etc. Functionality of these materials can be controlled and optimized by tuning the internal chemical pressure created by inherent nature of constituent ions.
The present initiatives in Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory cover few topics such as Ferroelectric, Magnetic, Composites  (electrostrictive/magnetostrictive ) materials in especially oxides form. Optimization of the processing conditions is again a challenging task in these materials. Various synthesis methods have to be exploited from conventional solid state to soft chemistry routes depending on the applications which are related to micro to nano scale range.


Research interests :

Electric field driven effects on structure-property relation in Ferroic Materials

Ferroic and Multiferroic Materials

Piezochromic Materials

Colossal Magnetoresistive (CMR) and other Nano-structured Magnetic Materials

Piezomagnetic Materials

Material Synthesis of Oxide-based system through soft chemistry routes






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