Capacity Building of Teachers for Quality Education:

    In the present scenario of Internationalization of Higher Education and to implement the significant recommendations of NEP 2020 like promoting multidisciplinary education introducing the Multiple Entry and Exit System, the Institutional Governance of University /Higher Educational Institution needs a new and forward looking vision.

    Institution' Leadership style and strategies, decentralization of power and delegation of responsibility, management control, communication strategies, team building, Developing industry collaboration, technology excellence and adoption, financial planning and management and student career development etc make the institution different from other organizations.

    Leaders at higher education institutions today face unprecedented challenges. In addition to concerns about enrolment, issues of shared governance; recruiting, supporting, and evaluating faculty; managing accreditation; evolving instructional techniques; and implementing digital learning are just some of the pressures college and university leaders face. Stronger leadership in higher education can equip people at all levels of the collegiate experience — from students to faculty to senior-level administrators — to meet these complex challenges.

The Program Intends To:

    1. Present the overview of higher education in India, National priorities and International context.
    2. Create an opportunity for peer networking and Institutional collaboration.
    3. Facilitate higher education leaders to competently deal with the Leadership challenges.
    4. Explore technologies for deeper engagement to bring in performance Culture and efficiency.
    5. Facilitate innovation and creativity in teaching, learning, and Overall effectiveness of the Institutions.
    6. Take the educational institutions to the newer heights by providing visionary leadership.

Program Themes, Mode & Methodology:

    The program intends to create awareness among the Academic Leaders and Administrators of Higher Education Institutions on the best practices in managing the HEI, and to inform them on the futuristic skills required to face the challenges in the higher education landscape.

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    This course is designed to help teaching/Academic professionals understand how educational leadership can transform and enhance the effectiveness of educational institutions. This course intends to focus on the academic community and to encourage individual members to develop various skills, competencies, and abilities to enhance their leadership skills. It will also help them to develop awareness of their self-motivation, reflective practices, critical thinking and positive plans of action for enhancing their leadership impact and institutional effectiveness. This course aims at mobilizing human resources of the education sector, educational administration and prospective Lecturers/Teachers.

Participation Fee:

    Who Can Participate:

    Principals, HoDs, Faculty Members of all Higher Educational Institutions.

    Participation Fee:

    Rs. 2000/- per Participant

    GST Extra @ 18%

    Program Mode:


Registration Closed


13th - 14th December 2023


10-00 AM - 05-00 PM




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